Lola Zola’s Readers Theater Rocked at the Library

Yesterday in Los Angeles, we experienced a change in the weather — from warm and sunny earlier in the week to suddenly chilly with rain. Would any tweens show up after school for the Lola Zola Readers Theater at the Ocean Park Library in Santa Monica?


Sixteen tweens enjoyed listening to authors Marcy Winograd and Jackie Hirtz read from Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush. Everyone laughed, nibbled on cookies, discussed some of Lola’s issues (such as how she felt when her parents lost their jobs on the same day) and of course, drank delicious lemonade. All the guests were wonderful, including some parents who came with their kids, and contributed to a fun Lola Zola afternoon. Each tween went home with a copy of Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush and a recipe for… lemonade!

Our thanks go to Wendy Chen, the amazing children’s librarian at the Ocean Park Library who made this event happen! And many thanks to Mr. Ramirez, teacher at John Muir Elementary School, Maxine Meltzer, Melissa Tarsky, and everyone who helped get the word out about Lola Zola Readers Theater.

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