Book Two of the Lola Zola Series is coming soon…

Lola Zola and Queen Pauline

Lola Zola’s 11 year-old life turned upside down like a monkey the day “Tween Queen Pauline” and her glittery bangles clanged into town, special delivery from Malibu.

“I wonder if she plays ping pong or soccer,” mused Lola, sticking her head out the upstairs window in her best friend’s bedroom.  Melanie’s décor was bubble gum pink, not exactly the color of a soccer uniform or ping pong paddle.  Way feminine.

Life on Salt Flat Road was usually  …



dullsville but today the newcomer’s arrival in the city of Mirage caused tweens to pop their heads out windows. Lola’s neck hurt from popping out so much.

“I don’t think she’s a soccer jock, “said Melanie, cranking her head out the same window.  “Check out her rhinestone tiara. Oh my God, oh my God, she’s like all sparkly and princessy.” ~ from page one of Lola Zola and Queen Pauline

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