Coming on May 21, New Girl on Salt Flat Road ~ a Lola Zola Book

New Girl CoverWe can’t wait until May 21 when our sequel to Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush debuts on Amazon. It will be available in paperback and for Kindle. You can also find it on the publisher’s website, Brown Girls Publishing. We hope you enjoy New Girl on Salt Flat Road as much as we enjoyed writing it. And don’t forget to post a review! ~ Marcy and Jackie

Oh, and by the way, the authors (that’s us) love to visit schools, Girl Scout troops, libraries, bookstores and other venues to talk about the Lola Zola series, hold Readers Theaters, and discuss the writing process. You can reach us at .

From the back cover:

Eleven-year-old Lola Zola wants a bra, but her mother won’t buy her one, reminding her that she’s “not quite ready.” Ouch. But Lola isn’t giving up – she’s even praying for her pancakes to become cupcakes. Her prayers go unanswered and Lola and her BFF, Melanie, are coming to the realization that they’ll be the only girls at school without bras.

Just when they’ve become used to being called “Flatty Patties,” a new girl with a great figure moves in next door in the sleepy desert town of Mirage. “Queen Pauline” as Lola and Melanie call her, hails from Malibu and lives tween life in the fast lane. She shoplifts, steals friends, wears eye shadow, and likes boys, boys, boys – including Buck, Lola’s secret crush from the lemonade war days.

Before Lola knows it, Lola is also racing to womanhood, crashing into the law and making a spectacle of her fugitive self.

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