Fan Power! Lola Zola… not just for tweens

Remember when you were a tween confronted by a huge problem?  Your father was laid off from work; you found a stray dog and would not rest until you found it a home; you wanted to wear make-up but your mother would not allow it; your friend’s mom drank to much and it was affecting your friend…?  Remember when you then you decided to do something it about and made a plan to help solve the problem head on, jumping in all the way, going full speed forward?  That’s Lola Zola, and it seems like tween girls aren’t the only readers relating to Lola’s zany, brilliant, decisive and determined  problem-solving character.

Two Lola Zola fans.

Two Lola Zola fans.

Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s just a fun read, maybe teen girls and grown women identify with Lola’s fiercely independent and confident (almost) personality that draws them to the middle-grade series. Whatever the reason we, the authors, are thrilled to have fans of all ages!


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