Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush makes a sweet holiday gift. Shannan Younger writes the Tween US blog @

Sixth Grade Visit — review by Betsy Schwarcz

What a treat it was to have author, Marcy Winograd visit my 6th grade class to read excerpts from Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush. The class was excited to meet the author. A rich class discussion ensued and thereafter students wrote reflections of the book. One student said “I can’t wait to get my hands on that book.” Another said, “This was the best book ever.” Marcy was kind enough to leave two inscribed copies for the class, because of the students’ enthusiasm for the book, Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush.
Review by Betsy Schwarcz

Sweet and Tart —  review by Leora Krygier

Lola Zola is a spit-fire of a girl, her tongue as sweet and tart as the lemonade she peddles to help support her family. She’s a hilarious eleven-year-old who thanks the “Smooch God” for keeping her eccentric parents together, and waits for the “Rump God” to make her cat’s tail grow back.

I fell in love with Lola Zola from page one of this heartfelt, funny novel. (Yes, I confess, I love middle grade novels too) Lola’s quest resonates with the thousands of children who, along with their parents, are facing today’s hard economic times, layoffs, and downsizing. But more than that, like lemons, sugar and water, combines the universal themes of identity, how we measure success and the roller coaster of relationships.

This remarkable novel and its sharp -witted writing is a must-have addition to any tween’s library.

Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush —  review by Marcy Toschi

As a teacher of 35 years, working mostly with early adolescents, and with a love of tween literature, I strongly recommend “Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush” for girls and boys ages 8-12. Entering into the world of Lola and her parents, friends, and pet cat, I had no idea I would fall in love with this book. Lola is a real champ of the 21st century, but she could have lived at anytime young girls were building tents in their backyards, rallying and supporting their parents, or going through all the trials and tribulations of coming of age. I found myself cheering Lola on as well as her cohorts, and can’t wait to see what she does in the next adventure of Lola Zola. I wish I would have had this book many years ago as I read aloud each year to my 4th through 7th graders. This would have gone on my special shelf of “must read and read aloud” classics. I loved Lola Zola!

Lola Zola offers positive identification for middle grade children! — review by Judith Bin-Nun, PhD

I read Lola Zola to find a good book to recommend to my Middle Grade patients, especially girls, who are looking for positive identifications with characters of value and merit who are similar in age and developmental stage. I found the perfect vehicle to elevate my young patients’ consciousness with the reading of this fine novel that will inspire change, acceptance and inspiration to grow and expand youngster’s horizons. Lola’s intense temperament and dedication is of great worth to kids in these times of shaky identifications with music or cinematic heroes. Lola is a real girl living with modern day concerns of job loss of her parents and school and life issues with her peers. She is a creative problem solver. I was an educator, classroom teacher and school principal, before I became a Psychotherapist and Child Development Specialist and I know when I encounter a great book for kids.
Lola Zola is outstanding! I recommend it highly.

Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush — review by IBP

Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush is a page-turner I couldn’t put it down.
I fell in love with Lola, Melanie, Buck, and Ruby Rhubarb, the tough town matriarch. Could it be that Lola’s lemonade is as surprising as the story? I’m not spoiling it by telling, but I loved it and highly recommend this as a top pick for this age group. You will want to read it and find out!

Lola Zola I love, and so will my grandchildren! — review by Lila Garrett

What an inspiring little book! I wish I had Lola Zola as a role model when I was growing up. I did manage to win a couple of Emmies, host a radio show , become a grandmother (the best part) but the climb would have been a lot easier with Lola Zola around. What a girl! She’s not only fun, she feels your pain and she cares. And she’s a born politician, the best kind. She actually comes up with solutions.
Lola Zola, I love you. And so will my grandchildren!

Lola’s got a Lemonade Crush — review by L.H.

This book is a wonderful gift for preteen girls. Sweet, funny, and optimistic. The story is set in the desert town of Mirage, and Lola’s family, like many real-life families, is facing economic troubles ahead. Lola comes up with a plan to pitch in and save the day, and along the way learns some important lessons in friendship, business, kindness, and honesty. Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush is a very entertaining read.

Lola Zola Saves the Day & Wins our Hearts — review by Myla Reson

I bought a copy of Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush for my twelve year old cousin because I know that it is so sophisticated and entertaining that she’ll be drawn into the small desert town of Mirage, U.S.A., and be captivated by Lola Zola’s appealing “Save the Day” valiance, indomitable spark, and marketing genius – lemon-shaped business cards, dances and raps, and alliterative command of language – both English and Pig Latin. I couldn’t stop smiling while reading about Lola’s adventures promoting her pucker power punch at the Mirage Twin Cinema, the local beauty salon and even the yoga meditation center, where Lola’s lemons take on a magical aura. Like many of us, Lola is loveable but flawed with a bit too much pride that almost gets her into trouble. Fast-moving, loaded with action and laughs – even a little bit of puppy love – Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush is both timely and timeless and especially relevant to tweens and families facing hard economic times This little book is a must-read and not just for tweens.

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